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Smoking in diabetes mellitusDiabetes is a serious disease that changes the whole way of life and forces us to abandon many of the usual things, Smoking is one of those things. Everyone knows that regular Smoking does not bring absolutely no benefit to the human body. This postulate applies to a healthy person, but for a diabetic Smoking is not only harmful, but even dangerous to life.


dangers of Smoking

the Main dangers of Smoking while diabetes is negative impact of nicotine and cigarette tar on the vessels. During the regular Smoking in the smoker there is a constant spasm of blood vessels, which affects different systems of the human body. In particular, significantly increases the ability to form blood clots. This consequence is the main cause of heart attacks, stroke aneurysm of aorta and other cardiovascular disease. Also Smoking leads to increased blood pressure, which is also fraught with the appearances of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

As you know, Smoking negatively affects the health of organs breathing. For people with diabetes, disease bronchi or lungs will be leaking a lot harder, so their course is significantly complicated by the poor condition of the vessels.

Smoking in diabetes mellitusIn diabetes of any type there is a high possibility of development of pathological processes in connective tissues that is caused by the insufficient blood supply. Bad blood vessels and capillaries whose state caused by Smoking, not do their job and, as a result, you may experience such pathological conditions as occlusive disease and gangrene of the lower extremities, which often leads to very sad consequences: amputation or death.

Smoking while diabetes affects vision. Diabetes is several times increases the possibility of cataracts or glaucoma, but Smoking even one cigarette a day increases this risk. Thus, Smoking is a very dangerous factor that significantly affects the quality of life of diabetics, and also increases the mortality rate from related diseases. Physicians are advised to get rid of this bad habit and practice only a healthy lifestyle. It should be noted that Smoking cessation in patients with diabetes second type can increase body weight, it is therefore very important to monitor the calorie diet and to devote the necessary attention physical activity.