Skin diseases and their signs in diabetes mellitus

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Skin in diabetes mellitusSkin problems are frequent for people that suffer from diabetes mellitus. Certain range of morphological changes may go obscure for a long time, but they are present in any patient suffering from this disease. In many cases very often diseases like skin dryness, itching, recrudescent infections are the first messengers of diabetes mellitus.

In most cases skin becomes coarse with peelings due to lack of control and continuous progress of the disease. But that is not the only sign appearance of diabetes mellitus because in many cases patient's skin cracks; it can be observed loss of hair, thickening and deformation of nail plates that prove presence of this disease.

Skin problems manifestations in diabetes mellitus

All possible manifestations of skin problems during the disease course may be divided into three groups:

Affections of skin in the course of diabetes is due to long period of disease course may have many aggravations and complications, plus, in some cases it may lead to the disease decompensation, leading to consumption of bigger quantity of medications. Besides, any disease that is manifested due presence of diabetes mellitus is harder to be cured than in case of healthy people.

Also a very serious danger for people suffering from this disease is bacterial infection of skin (infected cuts, dermatitis, wounds, diaper rush, staphyloderma, streptoderma, microbial eczema and furunculus). Ulcers of limbs can be found in patients with this disease frequently, they may lead to amputations of body limbs. Fungal dermatitis may also become a serious problem.

Skin problems in diabetes mellitusInfectious and inflammatory skin diseases in case of presence of diabetes mellitus are considered to be unspecific complications related to this disease. All of these affections, complications and consequences are in direct relation with progress of the disease. One of the leading roles in appearance of infectious-inflammatory skin problems belongs to metabolism disorders in the organism of the patient (low glucose absorbing, hyperglycosemia, high level of glucose, disorder of protein, mineral and lipid metabolism). Immune system disorders also have great importance. Furthermore, increased sweating, loop of thermal control in case of persons that suffer from diabetes mellitus lead to diaper rush.

The best way to avoid complications related to this disease is the visit to doctor when there is a tiniest sign of presence of skin problem; and patient should not decide about consumption of any type or kind of medication by himself/herself. Good luck.