Kebab diabetes



Patients with diabetes should follow a special diet, where many cannot. Namely: fried, greasy, too salty and sweet. In fact, not all that very tasty and full of flavors of spices. Then what to do? After all, you need to somehow diversify diabetic menu… especially if you want meat.



Kebab diabetesfirst, let's see what he had failed conventional barbecue diabetic. The fact that the meat for the shashlik and the already selected quite fatty. Then it must be pickled. Mostly for the marinade, take the vinegar, wine, spices. In the second place the mayonnaise, sour cream and mineral water. Then it should be fried on the coals. The dish is ready. But for a healthy person it is not so harmful for diabetics.


the Harm of fried meat

Meat is in the process of cooking becomes harmful because in it there are carcinogens. They adversely affect the circulatory system and gastrointestinal tract. Especially the kebab negatively affects those who have been chronic diseases in digestion and metabolism. This also applies to diabetics. They already have enough problems, as if to aggravate their chargrilled meat, then long regret. Plus the marinade in which you marinated the product itself is a killer thing. And if the wine is still permissible in small amounts, vinegar absolutely can not eat under any circumstances. Spicy dishes are also eliminated from the diet. It remains to find alternatives to classic barbecue.


lean meats

Kebab for diabetesReplace pork fat meat rabbit. It does not contain harmful substances, diet and quite useful for those who have disturbances in the digestive system, kidney, liver and patients with diabetes mellitus. In addition, it's a great start for kids, if you are willing to teach a child to cold dishes. Skewers of rabbit meat comes out very tasty and tender. And most importantly, it does not harm those who have problems with metabolism and symptoms of diabetes. Here, for example, one of the recipes.

Take the carcass of the rabbit and divide into small parts. A few cloves garlic squeeze in a bowl, add a little salt and RUB with a mixture of meat. Next, pour a liter of rabbit orange juice, cover the container and let stand in a cool place for about 6 hours. In a large pan, heat a little vegetable oil. Chop fresh tomatoes into circles and nanizhite together with meat on skewers. Fry meat until done and place on a dish. A good side dish would be boiled rice.