The signs and symptoms of low blood sugar

Fell sharply
Less than normal
How to raise?


Low blood sugar: symptoms, signsthe Diabetes − a disease that sometimes creeps up completely unnoticed. Why? Often the person we are already seeing the symptoms of this disease, but he gives them a serious value. But, having experienced a stressful, long experience or other disease, a person becomes particularly vulnerable to diabetes. The main symptom that indicates the disease is the presence of high or low values of blood sugar of the patient.

For patients with diabetes the most pressing tasks are:


In the case of a sharp decrease or increase in blood sugar, you need to urgently take action. Why? In case of rejection of measures sick person may be unconscious or fall into a coma.

Why does the reduction of sugar in patient with diabetes? There are several reasons:


the Main signs of low blood sugar are:


However these symptoms can be observed in humans during the day, at night the main symptoms are excessive sweating, nightmares, dryness and unpleasant taste in the mouth.

we Need to know exactly how to proceed if you encounter these signs, because at any moment can become very bad: it is essential to drink 200-250 ml of water or sweet chew 5-6 cubes of refined sugar, in this case a low value of sugar will quickly rise to the required level. Immediately after this, you must consume foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Among them - boiled potatoes, pasta and even cereals. Doctors suggest that you not have any cookies, candy, other sweets, because they contained glucose much more slowly absorbed by the person.

to Cure diabetes is impossible, however, if the person is a responsible consideration to their health, there is a high probability that he will live happily to a ripe old age.