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normal blood sugarBecause the amount of sugar in human blood should be in sufficient quantity, but its concentration of glucose will cause thickening of the blood, which will cause a lot of unpleasant consequences. Through years of research was placed medical the standard, which is the best indicator for complete and proper functioning of the body.

So what should be the level of sugar that its population was sufficient for the whole organism, but the excess did not get into the urine? New medical normal sugar needs to be the adult in the range of 3.3-7.8 mmol/l according to the result of collection of blood from a finger for analysis. Climb these indicators will be if the body cells are unable to absorb sugar after eating. On the absorption of glucose affects the insulin in the blood, and the fact that his pancreas produces. Based on this medicine distinguishes 2 types of diabetes: 1) insulin and 2) non-insulin-dependent. The first one is due to the content of insulin in the blood, and the second insulin seems to be enough, and in most medical settings, the level of sugar would not have to grow. However, the growth happens anyway. In this case, the fault of diabetes, not in the amount of insulin, and that though he should help him to assimilate, does not work as expected.

what norms blood sugarBecause sugar, which is digested by the body's cells from the blood, is the source of energy, the abnormality causes General malaise and body weakness, and persistent elevated levels (>10 mmol/l) leads to dangerous complications and thickening of blood. Without such deviation, the organism tries to return to normal functioning and enhanced activates the kidneys to get rid of excess along with urine, thereby reducing its volume.

Often it's too little and people need to intervene to return the level of glucose within the medical standards. The patient should be mandatory compliance with the recommendations and advice of your doctor, especially in relation to healthy and secure food. Ideally, such efforts should lead to stable and true indicator of standards of glucose, but most often the level will be slightly elevated and will be 4-10 mmol/l rather than the 3.3-7.8 mmol/l But even this is far from the norm indicator of sugar will allow a person to avoid serious complications.