Shoes for diabetic patients, which is better?

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Patients diabetes should pay special attention to the selection of shoes, as this disease leads to diabetic foot syndrome. Diabetic foot syndrome is manifested in 30-80% of patients, and it leads to atrophy of skeletal muscles feet patient. In this case the foot is swollen, she cannot bear the same load, and with constant emphasis on the affected foot ulcer develops. Since normal footwear is fit for a standard foot, which is able to withstand a greater load, for diabetics it is not suitable.

To exit from this situation, the diabetic need to do a custom order Shoe from a cast of his foot. Received the shoes should meet the following requirements:


shoes for diabeticsIf diabetic lesions of the foot is in its early stages, is credited with manologlou shoes; in severe pathology stop is assigned to a complicated orthopedic shoes.

If the patient has diabetes decided to choose for themselves the shoes in the store, it is advisable to do it in the afternoon since at this time the feet become swollen. When selecting Slippers or summer footwear you need to pay attention to the presence of the backdrop - if it is missing, the load on the patient's foot is greatly increased. In addition, large shoes can cause harm if there is too much free space. Women should beware of heels or narrow toed shoes. Diabetics are advised after buying shoes just do not wear it for a long period of time - you want to let your legs get used to it.

you must Also remember that some diabetic shoes is not enough for prevention of ulcers of the legs - it is also important to remember that the socks do not contain tight elastic band. Socks should absorb moisture, and in this case, orthopedic shoes will bring benefit to diabetic patients.