Why there is a sharp increase, jumps and fluctuations in blood sugar?

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rose Sharply blood sugaran indicator of the level of sugar in the blood of a healthy person on an empty stomach is between 3.5 and 6.1 mmol/l, but this figure can fluctuate, deviating from the norm in upward or, conversely, sharply falling. Glucose spikes happen for different reasons and often there are people who care about their health: they visit doctors systematically control the level of glucose, following a diet, doing daily exercise and taking prescribed medications.

Doctors say that every jump in the level of glucose in the blood has its cause, pointing to an existing health problem that needs to be diagnosed with the help of a specialist. In the future, so that the patients could avoid situations of fluctuating sugar levels, the doctors explain to them the common causes that can provoke a sharp rise in blood glucose.


Why do people fluctuations in blood sugar levels

in Answering this question, doctors primarily referred to as following the reasons that can dramatically raise or lower the level of glucose in the blood composition of a person: