Genitals in diabetes mellitus, can diabetes mellitus be transmitted by sexual intercourse

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Diabetes mellitus may affect not only functions of of men’s genitals, but it may lead to a sexual dysfunction for women too.

Affection of genitals in diabetes mellitus

Men’s genitals in diabetes mellitusMen. For men main reasons of sexual dysfunction are following factors: affection of blood vessels, affection of nerves and neuropathy. All this happens because diabetes mellitus affects blood vessels, hurting to their endothelium. Problems related to blood vessels are the reasons of erection affection, this happens due to hindered blood flow to penis.

Affecting of small blood vessels, caused by diabetes mellitus, is reason of development of diabetic neuropathy (disorder of nerve system). As a result a man suffers from decreasing of quantity of testosterone. Decrease of this sexual hormone secretion affects the libido and erection/ejaculation. Finally, there is no orgasm or something like that can happen.

In some other circumstances, the nerve system affection may lead to ejaculation into the bladder (retrograde ejaculation) or there will be no ejaculation at all.

In addition, diabetes mellitus affects nerves of penis, which is one more reason of bad erection.

Female genitals in diabetes mellitusWomen. Various researches showed that about 30-40% of women that suffer from diabetes mellitus have sexual disorders. They have problems with their sexual partners and no satisfaction of sexual intercourse. Physiologically, the absence of sexual appetite leads to insufficient lubrication and lack of blood in genitals. Without these preconditions sexual intercourse is deficient.

One of the reasons of sexual dysfunction in case of women, just like for men is progressing diabetic neuropathy. This disorder may lead to depression and affect the genitals and after that it will bring the patient to such result as crash of his or her sexual life.

Very often the women that suffer from diabetes may have psychological barriers in contacts with their sexual partners. Apart from problems of diabetes there may be some other complexes. Some unaware partners may start thinking of risk of diabetes infection and transmission through sexual way.

Can diabetes mellitus be transmitted by sexual intercourse

Generally, the answer is “no”. Diabetes mellitus cannot be transmitted by sexual intercourse. This disease is not of viral nature.

As a rule, under the risk are people having genetic predisposition to this disease; it means if someone of parents suffered of certain disease.

In general, the key reason of diabetes mellitus appearance lies in metabolism problems and these problems result the increase of blood glucose level.