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sex and diabetesdiabetes may have a negative impact on good sexual relations. It is believed that up to a quarter of all women and half of men often have different problems in dealing with diabetes.

In men diabetes most frequently affects the nervous system, causing diabetic neuropathy. Because of this, there erectile dysfunction, as well as the inability to prolonged erection.

Many men with diabetes suffer from the resulting erectile dysfunction. There are cases when impotence is a major symptom, which detects diabetes mellitus.

the Doctors recommend to correct the lifestyle of, sports, the use of insulin, diet. A comprehensive treatment is quite often easy to eliminate frivolous difficulties in sex with diabetes.


Women's problems in sex with diabetes

Women-diabetics can suffer from vaginitis (inflammation of vagina). So, bacterial vaginitis appears at the end of penetration of the yeast infection and often accompanied by severe thrush. This raises the discomfort in sexual life. The woman complains of burning, itchy vagina, there is a cystitis. Similarly erectile dysfunction in men, women may fully or partially lose the sensitivity of the clitoris.


Hypoglycemia and sex

During sex with diabetes may experience hypoglycemia. In this regard, doctors advise before and after having sexual intercourse is essential to check the glucose level. However, this procedure may violate positive sexual mood. Talk to your partner, tell them about the risks, understanding is the key to success, both in sex and in every situation in life.

If the sexual partner you have got fairly recently, and you want to hide from it diabetes, keep in mind that someday it will still show up. The uncertainty in his partner is questioning the future of your relationship at all. Omissions can threaten not only health, but also the most valuable - your life.


sugar diabetes and sex

Low or high blood sugar can manifest as fatigue and weakness of the body, negatively affecting the sexual act. The man jumps of sugar can lead to bad erection and rapid ejaculation. Of course, it is possible to interrupt and to try to correct the situation, but moments like that are very unpleasant for the partners.

When the first suspected diabetes should consult an endocrinologist for professional help. The success of the treatment largely depends on the moral support of your partner.

Should undergo examination and pass all the required tests. In such cases, doctors advise the sessions of psychological support and treatment medications, which are chosen individually.