Allocation in women with diabetes

Itchy vagina


secretion in women with diabetesFor any woman at the age of 9 years characteristic vaginal discharge. Typically, such discharge, leucorrhoea, do not cause much discomfort women. Normally they are a mucous consistence, without odor and color. Such manifestations should not frighten the woman, if the condition is not accompanied by itching and burning. This physiological process maintains optimum acidity, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms, and is not pathology.

However, the processes occurring in a woman's body, and some diseases can affect their characteristics, which may alter color, odor and amount of discharge.

At the place of formation and the specificity of origin selection are divided into vaginal, tube, cervical, uterine and vestibular leucorrhea. They can be caused by various factors: poor hygiene, antibiotics and the wrong hormonal drugs, some endocrine diseases.

Vestibular leukorrhea among women with diabetes mellitus. Vulvitis, in vestibular medicine called leucorrhea, the result of inflammation of the genital organs, as well as the result of their unscrupulous content.

Most often in women diabetes occurs secondary vulvitis. It is characterized by such symptoms as discharge, swelling and redness of the labia minora, burning, itching and painful sensations during urination. The diagnosis is made on the basis of bacteriological research, the examination of the vulva and patient complaints.

the Category of women with diabetes at risk of thrush.

the fact that diabetes the acidity of the vaginal content increases, what creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of yeast fungi. It is important in this case, when the discharge began, not to self-medicate and consult doctor. Very simple thrush can be due to serious diseases, early detection will increase the effectiveness of treatment.

the Treatment involves a set of procedures in the form of douching, baths, vaginal suppositories injection. During an exacerbation recommended baths with decoction of chamomile, solution of boric acid and potassium permanganate. It should be remembered that treatment should be aimed not only at the disposal of excreta and other processes that create discomfort in the vagina, but also at the underlying disease that caused them, i.e. diabetes mellitus.