Seabuckthorn in diabetes mellitus

Sea buckthorn


Great value in the treatment of diabetes are properly selected medications, so rely on alone but it's not worth it. However, sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn oil has been successfully used for the treatment of diabetes and various complications of this disease. The therapeutic effect of Seabuckthorn in diabetes is due primarily to the fact that it is very rich in vitamins B1 and C that must be present in the diet of diabetics in the increased amount.


the Use of Seabuckthorn

sea Buckthorn diabetesthe Positive impact of eating fresh fruits and juices, jam, marmalade and puree of sea buckthorn. Be aware that processed the fruits you need to consume no sugar, and fructose, saccharine and other substitutes that are shown to diabetics. It is useful to drink teas and cocktails made from sea-buckthorn fruits with the addition of rose hips, which enhances the therapeutic effect due to the high content of vitamin C.


Useful content

When drawing up the diet useful to include in the diet not only products sea buckthorn, and decoction of beer yeast or wheat bran. You need to consider the overall chemical composition of the diet, as it is crucial. Carbohydrates and fats should be strictly limited, and the total number of essential nutrients in the diet determined by the physician.

sea buckthorn Oil

sea buckthorn Oilsea buckthorn Oil is included with wound healing drugs, it is safe and does not cause side effects.

folk medicine recommends sea buckthorn oil to treat eczema and some other skin lesions caused by diabetes. For healing skin wounds (except purulent) do once a day dressings: sterile gauze impregnated with sea buckthorn oil and applied to the wound.


Recipes for sea buckthorn

In the treatment of eczema effective the following recipes:

• mix 100 g of birch tar, 50 g of sea buckthorn oil, the mixture is treated with the affected area;
• mix 100 g of birch tar, 20 to 30 drops of propolis tincture (alcohol), 25 g of sea buckthorn oil, and treated the affected area of the skin with the mixture, capturing also and healthy places;
• 25 g of sea buckthorn oil are mixed with 30 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide, was added 40 g of sulfuric ointment. Process affected and itchy areas of the skin;
• also effective blend of sea buckthorn and unrefined sunflower oil, which lubricate the skin areas affected by eczema.

Good effect is achieved in the treatment of eczema the drug "Olazol", which contains sea buckthorn oil.