The screening for diabetes (screening)

Differential diagnosis of
A blood test
Blood counts
Urine analysis
How to checked?
Color, protein, density of urine
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blood test in diabetes mellitusevery year the number of people with diabetes increases. And every year it becomes ever more important time to diagnose the disease. Therefore any person upon the slightest suspicion of the disease should be screened.


Survey on diabetes

Usually the definition, you are sick diabetic or not, is revealed after you pass a blood test for glucose. It is done on an empty stomach. This analysis is quite cheap and gives fast results. But sometimes this method is insufficient to detect diabetes in its early stages or to understand what the person is prediabetes condition. Then use the oral glucose tolerance analysis. It allows you to determine prediabetes the condition of the patient. Also, this analysis is often carried out in relation to those patients who have suspected type 2 diabetes.

Sometimes the level of glucose in the body can be determined using blood, and through urine person. A survey of patients with diabetes mellitus.

diabetes is very important to constantly monitor the level of glucose in the blood. Therefore, it is necessary at least once a month to do a blood test for glucose. But that's not all.

urine test diabetesit is Very important analysis on glycosylated hemoglobin. It helps to determine how well your diabetes is diagnosed. This analysis shows an average content of sugar in the blood over the last 6-12 weeks.

Once a year, diabetics need to examine their eyes, by increasing the size of the pupil. This will allow early detection of the emergence of retinopathy. Except for the eyes, it is also necessary to regularly monitor the state of legs. Particularly much attention should be paid to non-healing ulcers. Timely detection of disease will allow the doctor to prescribe the necessary treatment, and to cure diseases at early stages.


Screening diabetic patients

the Screening allows you to identify diabetes at an early stage. Moreover, screening is often used to more accurately determine the disease. Because very often there are people with impaired glucose tolerance. And they level of glucose in the blood is always high. Moreover, the simultaneous analysis of glucose, often fails to detect diabetes due to various additional factors. There are several types of screening that allow you to most accurately determine the level of glucose in the blood of the patient.