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school of diabetesMany people who are sick with diabetes not only need the right diet, but also psychological support. After all, the patient must realize that he is compelled to fight with this disease, change your lifestyle and your habits, otherwise, his life will be significantly shortened. However, as practice shows, after discharge from the hospital the man is left alone with his problem - he eventually raises a lot of questions, he rebuilds his life, feels lonely and is constantly in a stressful condition.

because of this and created a special school for people with diabetes (diabetes). The doctors here in an accessible form explain, why appeared this problem, how to deal with it and teach the patients to act on their own in any situation. But to teach people of different intellectual level and age of the same issues - very difficult. After getting training, the physician should not only give away important information, but also be cause of a desire to learn. Therefore, schools of diabetes are divided into two types: for adults and children. The training program in diabetes mellitus 2 and type 1 are very different from each other - joint training of patients with different types of diabetes are unacceptable in the same group.

According to experts, the most effective school diabetes, which are held in small groups (ten people).

the training program includes approximately 25 hours, during which the patient is suffering from diabetes:

is to learn to plan your meals

- to control the level of glucose in the blood

- to control the dose of insulin

- finds out the valid exercise

- learn about how to treat this disease with concomitant diseases

is to learn to prevent the development of decompensation of diabetes mellitus

school diabetes childrenAfter each session the control is carried out, during which the patient is asked to solve various situational problems. Then, at the end of training by everyone who attended this school diabetes receive the replacement table of products, a set of different diet schemes and cabinets dishes.

As you can see, thanks to the school for diabetics, you can be knowledgeable about all aspects of the disease and to learn how to modify the treatment from the comfort of different situations. This is a very valuable and useful information, as having diabetes mellitus, you have your whole life to carefully monitor their health and to adhere to certain rules. The only way to overcome the disease and continue to live in his pleasure.