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sausage in diabetes mellitusSausage as one of the products of modern civilization must meet taste and aesthetic qualities, due to which contains starch as a stabilizing agent, which imparts a certain shape products, and soy as a component, cheaper sausage products. Starch refers to complex carbohydrates and diabetes it is even recommended for consumption, so the sausage made with the use of this substance will not cause harm, but as you know, often the starches can be replaced with artificial supplements, the body's reaction to that is unpredictable. As for soybeans, recipes it should not be included in the sausage, for people with diabetes it proves very harmful, as it contains simple carbohydrates, consumption of which should be minimized. The only criterion from the standpoint of an ordinary buyer of the presence or absence of soybean is the price of sausage, the lower it is, the more likely its use when cooking.

Another important and related to the previous factor of influence on the consumption of certain foods diabetes is the content of fats and carbohydrates and their calorie content. Limit meat products in the diet is because they contain large amounts of fat declared on the package, and a relatively smaller content of carbohydrates (you need to remember that it could be higher because of the concealment of soy in the composition), and also high in calories.

sausages Among people with diabetes can be eaten cooked sausage, in particular dietary or doctoral. They minimal carbohydrates, in the diet, according to manufacturers, they do not. As for fats, by eating 100 grams. cooked sausage or sausages, the person receives about 20-30% of the daily value of fat, so many of these products will not hurt, and they are often included in the diet in diabetes. Concerning calorie content, you can say the following: the consumption of 100 gr. equal to 10-15% of normal daily.

a Ban on the use of semi-smoked sausages is quite natural: 100 gr. such products contain from 50 to 90% of the daily requirement of fats, which is unacceptable in the diet, as consumed other meals are also saturated fats including vegetable. This will result in excess of fat intake (unbalanced diet) that will directly affect the health of patients with diabetes mellitus. The same applies to the calorie content of semi-smoked sausages, should spend one third of daily value on them?