Bath and sauna in diabetes mellitus

Bath and sauna
What is useful


Sauna in diabetes mellitusSome researches show the usefulness of steam bath in case of diabetes mellitus, but in some cases steaming is prohibited for patients that suffer from this disease. Under the influence of the steam, some substances, binding insulin, are washed away, while the excessive amount of it may lead to hypoglycemic coma. Upon the first signs of coma patient has to drink hot sweet tea, but in very hard cases there is a need of direct glucose injection in patient’s organism via intravenous route.

Most of patients agree that bathing has positive effect both in Russian and Turkish baths. Apart from overall improving effect, bathing helps to decrease blood sugar level, moreover, effect from this procedure works for 5-6 hours. However, if a patient has visited the steam bath, it is necessary to have another examination to detect possible counter-indications. In this case doctor may define an optimal temperature range, duration of staying in the bath as well as the rest, including or excluding, presumably, some other procedures.

Counter-indications to bath in case of diabetes mellitus

The acetone odor is a sign prohibiting to visit any bath, especially, when there are chronic diseases of kidneys and acute liver diseases as well as if there are some cardio-vascular diseases. Patient has to monitor his or her condition in bath and should avoid quick temperature changes. Patient also should not dip his or her body into cold water right after leaving the steam room because it may lead to vessel spasms. Besides, there is a high probability of fungus infections; that is why patient should take care of his feet and soils. This person must have personal slippers and look over soils after the bath.

Visiting sauna in case of diabetes mellitus

Sauna in case of diabetes mellitus and in general is an effective sweating procedure that helps in decreasing of blood sugar level. First patient has to stay some time in sauna to get warm, after that it is necessary to dip into chill water (for about 10-15 minutes) and then get back to warm up. After that one may drink some sweet and sour tea of wormwood or tea of bean pods, prepared beforehand. It is possible to eat some fruits, but before doing that patient obviously has to check the sugar level in urine after sauna, and its concentration should be no more than 1-2%.

Traditional medicine advices to wipe patient’s body with extract of wild rosemary in order to augment sweating process. It may be prepared like this: half a liter of 9% vinegar and half of glass of the herb are placed in a close container and are kept together for two days. After the sauna, blood sugar level goes down by 2-3 mmol/L.