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fat diabetesFat is a delicious and nutritious product, which is loved and revered all over the world. Slavic he is considered a national dish, so in our country it is treated with a special feeling. However, if you experience diabetes the patient asks, can I eat this delicacy without harm to the health or better to forget about him forever?

it is Known that the main component of fat is fat. It takes about 80% of the total product. As a diabetic it is not forbidden to eat fat, they are not allowed sugar (carbohydrate)! It is known that in 100 grams of fat is 4 grams of sugar. The one who ate this product, realizes that for a time overpower the piece is quite difficult. And 4 grams of sugar for a diabetic is not very terrible.

But it would do, however, diabetics with experience it is known that diabetes is often a disorder of the inner lipid metabolism. This means that patients with elevated cholesterol. In this regard, it becomes necessary to restrict the eating of animal fats. The salty bacon is just a typical product which contains animal fat. In addition, there is even a popular belief - if blood sugar has risen, to eat fat in any case impossible.

still, if you eat a little fat combined with a salad or broth, great harm to the body will not. Maybe he will bring favor to man. So the sugar will slowly enter the bloodstream due to the difficult digestibility of the product. But you should not eat if you have diabetes, fat in addition to bread (all love) and with vodka is a real sentence for the patient with diabetes mellitus. In addition, after eating this product, it is better to engage in active exercises, to sugar, which could penetrate to your blood quickly resolved.

To salt to the fat in diabetes should be treated with caution and with caution. Don't need to eat too spicy and salty product, as condiments and spices for diabetics is strictly prohibited, because they cause a spike in blood sugar. Ideally it is better to eat a conventional piece of fat, which is not subjected to any treatment.

Fat does not bear any harm to the person who is suffering from diabetes. It may even be beneficial. But remember that everything is good in moderation, and not overeat. It is better to eat it slowly with rye bread than not eat it at all. Also, remember that eating fat causes obesity. But to be beautiful and slim always want, regardless of whether you're diabetic or not.