Salads diabetes for patients



salads in diabetes mellitus patientsDiet diabetes, as is well known, implies consumption of defatted protein products and vegetables. The latter can be eaten in virtually unlimited quantities (except potato). And since we're talking about vegetables, we should pay attention to one of the methods for their consumption - salads.

There are a huge variety of salad recipes designed specifically for diabetics. Will focus on the more common ingredients and see what is their benefit to the organism.

Cabbage. Vegetable No. 1 for diabetics. It can be consumed in any form before a meal or as a main dish. Very useful sauerkraut juice, which lowers blood sugar and nourishes the body with plenty of minerals and vitamins.

Cucumbers. Thanks tartronovaya acid, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, salads from these vegetables are also very important in diabetes.

Salads of carrots. Diabetes in unlimited quantities allowed to consume only raw carrots. When boiled, this vegetable can increase blood sugar.

Beets. Patients with diabetes experts suggest that you take it in cooked form. In particular, it is recommended to consume a salad of beets (boiled).

the Onion. For diabetics this vegetable is almost indispensable, and for salads too. Onion improves blood circulation, helps the body to more actively fight infections and lowers the amount of cholesterol. However, in its raw form, it needs to be used in limited quantities.

vegetables Such as zucchini, eggplant, and beans also possess a number of useful features for patients, but should be consumed in steamed or boiled form. With regards to tomatoes, herbs, peppers, garlic, onion and cucumbers, which have already been mentioned, these vegetables have no effect on blood sugar. Therefore, they can be safely put in the salads for diabetics.

Finally, as a result, I want to give one piece of advice. The best salad in diabetes mellitus, which is a "vegetable No. 1" - cabbage. You may add cucumber, radishes, carrots, onions, etc. Once the vegetables are chopped, the salad bowl should be placed in the refrigerator and after the juice to eat. To add salt to a dish better before the actual use.

with regards to salad dressings, they can easily replace the appeared juice vegetables, but if you want you can add vegetable oil or a small amount of juice lemon.