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Royal jelly diabetesRoyal jelly, which bees produce, valuable product not only for patients but also healthy people. But it has one drawback - a small shelf life. To date, there are only two ways to retain its natural properties - immediately freeze or dry them using a vacuum. If you offer medications based on Royal jelly, this is likely only a marketing ploy (lie), and not the cure.


Treatment Royal jelly

Milk in diabetes is always recommended - it contains antibody specific to insulin. Quite a long course of treatment - 6 months - leads to a significant reduction in blood sugar levels. During treatment milk doctor reduces the dose of insulin, and in some cases never used (but only in accordance with the recommendations of an endocrinologist).

With medical treatment of diabetes consume Royal jelly in pure form (by resorption under the tongue) or as part of ambrosia, honey and propolisovaya hoods. Milk is very nutritious and high in calories, rich in proteins, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B12, C, H, PP), fats, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids (about 20 kinds), nicotinic acid and Biotin.


Consumption of

Royal jelly diabetes treatmentRoyal jelly is Used in the home in pure or with honey. The recipe is quite simple with 4 g of Royal jelly mixed with 200 g of liquid honey, and take 1 teaspoon twice a day an hour before meals, morning and afternoon. The mixture is kept under the tongue until its complete dissolution. After using the first portion of the mixture (200 g) make a break for 1 week, and then repeat the treatment. Adults in a 2-week course of treatment should be 10 g milk, children - 5 to g children. At night to take milk is not recommended by doctors - worsening sleep. Before applying the mixture should be thoroughly mixed.

Store the milk in cold rooms, or in the honey in the fridge - this is done using a container made of dark glass with a tight fitting lid.



But Royal jelly and preparations based on it is contraindicated if there is hypersensitivity (Allergy), acute infectious diseases, tumors and diseases of the adrenal cortex. Not recommended without checking with the doctor to apply the lotion in arterial hypertension; for people who are prone to hypercoagulation (a measure of blood clotting).

When you use Royal jelly may experience increased heart rate, sleep disorder, dry mouth, but after reducing the dose or complete discontinuation of symptoms are. Large doses of Royal jelly can lead to disturbances in the nervous and endocrine systems.