Rosehip diabetes - healing properties, nutrients

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Hips is famous for its healing properties. Indeed, apart from various diseases, it is also recommended to take in the case of sugarRosehip diabetes diabetes.

Briar is a Bush, reaching a height of up to three meters. Despite the fact that nature has provided a large selection of different varieties of plants, the healing properties that rosehip has on the human body similar in nature. To prepare various infusions and teas use of ripe rosehips harvested in the autumn.

nutrients in rose hips

the Use of rose hips in various diseases is quite justified, because in its composition includes a variety of nutrients. It is prescribed for people who have diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension various. Besides the fact that rose could and should be used in diabetes, it also enhances a person's physical and mental abilities, relieves fatigue and exhaustion. The pharmacy rosehips can be purchased in the form of syrup or syrup, which also contains and extract of red Rowan, viburnum, cranberry and hawthorn.

Rosehip diabetesmaking infusions

diabetes it is advisable in just the hips taken in form of tea, infusion or decoction. In order to prepare such a remedy, you need to grind about 20 grams of fruit, which is approximately 1 teaspoon, pour half a liter of water. Further, all this must be covered with a lid and keep in a water bath for exactly fifteen minutes. A day later this broth can be drunk. This should be done 2 times a day for 15-20 minutes before eating.

If you need the hips taken in conjunction with currants, then use this mixture as a tea. For this purpose, 400 ml of boiling water you need to add not more than 20 grams of fruit.

diabetes can be prepared a special collection from the hips. Its composition should include 3 parts purplish-red of hawthorn, three parts brown rose, 3 parts of leaves of plantain. Also in the composition should contain an ordinary bean pods (five parts), seven pieces of conventional cranberries, peppermint leaves ( two parts), black elderberry or two parts and two parts are presented in the form of sowing seeds of the flax plant.

the middle Two tablespoons of this collection pour half a liter of boiling water. Further, as in the preparation of decoction of rose hips, all this is necessary to close and hold water bath for fifteen minutes. Collect the strained drink half a Cup throughout the day.