Stone oil in diabetes

Stone oil
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rock oilHow well does and is protected by our endocrine system? When it malfunctions may occur serious disease - diabetes. When the human body does not have enough of the hormone of the pancreas, called insulin, there is diabetes. Insulin regulates metabolism. His lack of it can lead to serious consequences. You will not have enough glucose. The cause of the disease may become obese, viral diseases.

When the disease diabetes out there. You can try using oil stone.

Many of the facts confirmed that this drug helped diabetics beat the disease.

Stone oil is extracted from the crevices of rocks. It has a white-yellow color and contains a lot of different salts of rocks. The combination of ancient rocks salt helps the person to get rid of many diseases and heal wounds.

Stone oil is used in a variety of diseases, burns, tumors, cuts, skin diseases, and more.

There is a proven way to treat diabetes stone oil. Two liters of water were dissolved 3 g of hard butter. Early treatment of diabetes moderate severity advised to use a lower concentration of dissolved and not three, but one gram of oil stone in three liters of water. This concentration was used for two to three days. The rest of the treatment, which is 80 days, using three grams of oil to two liters of water. The resulting solution was taken in an amount of one cup three times a day before meals.

Over the full course of treatment you take 72 grams of hard butter. Buy a little bit more, in which case, you may need it.

In the treatment of stone oil will result only if you are on a diet and watch the blood sugar level. In the latter case, every seven days, blood tests and record a decrease in blood sugar levels. Insulin should be taken only when you consult with your doctor. Diet for you is to develop a doctor who will indicate what products you can not use in food. Power must be complete. Many fatty, salty impossible. Forget sweets, white bread, fruit. Do not forget that when using oil stone, you can not eat certain kinds of foods.

Stone oil will help you conquer diabetes and get you back to normal life.