The rights of patients with diabetes mellitus

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rights of patients with diabetes mellitusevery year, the number of patients who suffer from diabetes will only increase. Not all patients can individually purchase all the necessary treatment drugs, and not everyone is able to pay for all kinds of procedures for recovery and treatment. People with diabetes have rights, which documented certified and enshrined in the laws.


a List of rights diabetic patients

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the Rights of diabetes patients to receive discounted medications

people with diabetes are entitled to free drugs required for treatment and means of self-control. They have the right to receive high quality insulin in doses that are necessary to maintain your body. The government should monitor the quality of the delivered insulin. Transfer of patients from one insulin to another should be combined only with medical indications of the patient, and not for financial benefit.

Suffering from diabetes have the right to obtain free discounted medications to lower blood sugar levels and help fight complications because of diabetes.

Patients receiving insulin therapy should be provided with glucometers and supplies for them. The second type of patients who did not receive insulin therapy, should receive free test strips for checking sugar in blood. They should be issued so that the diabetic had the opportunity every day to carry out this analysis.

so as you can see, diabetic patients have certain rights and, in some cases, can apply for disability, however, the whole process is not as streamlined as we would like. Delivery of insulin and other medications for diabetics often delayed, in some regions even not made.