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Many patients, so many histories. People are not machines, every body is unique. Even patients suffering from the same pathology, different attitudes to the problem, different runs of their cure, is achieved a different result.

a Review of the patient with diabetes mellitus of the 1st type Daria Maximovna, 52 years old:

I was diagnosed with diabetes put, when I was 34. With 42 years of age has to take insulin. First, when I learned about the diagnosis, very scared. I knew that a complete cure is not possible, there can be many different complications. But, God was merciful to me. Somehow nothing happens. And is all - important to monitor the level of sugar in the blood and in time drugs to take, and it will be all right.

a Review of the patient with diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type of Nina Vasilievna, 66 years:

my whole life was pretty full, but any diet never abide by. Yes, and not deny themselves anything. Loved and cold, and flour, and even sweet just pounds absorbed. On the nightstand beside the bed is always a bowl of candy stood. Diabetes I was diagnosed 6 years ago. Gave up many things, but not really, of course. Just had to bring the diet back to normal. Now every day eat pears and parsley. I am most concerned about swelling in the legs. Diuretic drink, but swelling still are not - feet like two pillows, do not bend, do not straighten.

a Review of the patient with diabetes mellitus of the 1st type, Dennis, 19 years old:

I since the childhood suffer. Already accustomed. Or rather, I don't even know what it's like not to have diabetes. And my dad is diabetic, and grandmother. I don't put any injections and pills drink only when necessary, but my grandmother used to have every day insulin injections to put. Now, however, she too only tablets cost.

a Review of the patient with diabetes mellitus of the 1st type Tamara Igorevna 44:

I am not only concerned about diabetes. I can even say that it never bothers me - I have another problem: hypertension and coronary heart disease. But because of the diabetes I had to have surgery. Once, during a hypertensive crisis I had to call an ambulance. The doctor gave me a magnesia intramuscularly. After a few days due to diabetes at the injection site, I have formed a purulent abscess. At first she tried to treat people's means, but only started the process. Then in our city the hospital I was admitted to the Department of purulent surgery, where the abscess was lanced and remove the pus. But my torment is not over - nearly a month I had to go on the bandage where the doctor again opened the abscess, rinse the cavity, removing pus and new every day. Things have been tough. And since the abscess was located on the buttock, then it's difficult to sit-it does not work, only stand or lie on your stomach or on your side. Namuchalas in General…