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Retinopathy in diabetesDue to the long course of diabetes for patients can appear serious complication, which is named “diabetic retinopathy”. This complication is manifested in lesions of the retina. If you noticed any abnormalities in vision, don’t waste time and immediately visit the doctor, because this disease can cause blindness, which occur to the majority of diabetics in the age group of 20 to 75 years.

As prophylaxis in prevention of this disease patients with diabetes had to make ophthalmic examination every year. If you have diabetes you should go to the doctor immediately if you noticed the fog in your eyes, blur, flying flies or even an abruption or loss of the entire image and ability to see. This happens because the level of sugar in the blood increases and it leads to swelling of the eye crystalline lens, and it is difficult to see anything clearly because there’s no possibility to focus on image.

If the diabetic retinopathy was detected and this diagnosis was confirmed for patient, the treatment is given and prescribed by ophthalmologist and an endocrinologist. At this time, it is important to have healthy menu: patient has to reduce the consumption of fatty foods, give up sweets, especially chocolates and jams. Patient should include in the diet curd products, fish, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables, excluding potatoes. Also, patients with diabetes need to consume vitamins B in the form of tablets and injection. Doctor can prescribe also vitamins C, D, E, with course of medication (medication period) that is about 1 month and with intervals between doses that are about 3 months long (depending on the overall state of patient).

Treatment of retinopathy can be completed in two main methods: the laser and surgical. The method of treatment is chosen by the doctor individually for each patient, taking into account the extension and complexity of the disease.

The laser method consists of carrying out the coagulation of the retina, which helps stop the further development of the disease. In this case, the laser beam penetrates needed places on the retina and sears it on the area where there is a lack of oxygen, which leads to inhibition of the formation of new unnecessary blood vessels. By laser are removed new blood vessels, so it contributes to the disappearance of edema and bleeding.

Surgery for the treatment of retinopathy is known as vitrectomy, when altered vitreous body is removed from retina to avoid its detachment.

You should not hope that disease will start to heal all by itself, because it can lead to serious consequences, especially in cases if in addition to diabetes the person has elevated blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Serious bearing on the state of health of patients with diabetes and regular examinations by an ophthalmologist reduce the risk of vision loss.