Diseases of respiratory system in diabetes mellitus

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Respiratory infections in diabetes mellitusThere are no special respiratory infections that are pertained especially only to diabetics. It is important to remember that all infections, which are also found in other people, for diabetics are manifested severer cases and they cause increasing of blood sugar level. This is the reason why diabetics should be extremely careful, take care of themselves, avoid hypothermia in order to escape appearance of any complications.

If a diabetic got sick with acute pneumonia or bronchitis, then it is necessary to go through the full course of treatment, it means that there is no need to stop it upon some improvements. In case if doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics for two weeks, then it is the exact period of treatment that should be completed and not less than that. It is a very important factor!

Simultaneous and constant control of blood sugar level is required in order to compensate the diabetes. If diabetic has some other chronic diseases of the respiratory system like, for example, tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis, maxillary sinusitis or bronchial asthma, then it is necessary to pass physical examination even when there are no signs of any complications. This is a part of measures of diabetes compensation.


This disorder affects lung blood vessels, which is a sort of fertile grounds for pneumonia or anything like that. In this case diabetics have a weakened immunity, therefore, the disease stays longer and recovery is harder, which adds to probability of complications and diabetes mellitus may get transformed into a more dangerous form because of the inflammatory process in the respiratory system.

Bronchial asthma

Asthma in diabetes mellitusIn Greek literal meaning of word 'asthma' means difficulty in breathing, which is exactly what happens with every diabetic as well as rattling, coughing and chest tightness. It is important to follow the doctor's recommendations and prescriptions and avoid any self-healing in thi case.


If this is a case for diabetics, the respiratory system gets prone to backteremia, which is notorious with its high death rate. There are two particularities of this disease if they are found in diabetics: an increase of etiological magnitude of specific causative agents and predisposition to a harder or acute disease progress. Important: any anti-flue and anti-pneumococcal vaccination is prohibited. What kind of germicides to use depends on the attending doctor, taking in account data about patient’s organism and character of the disease, etc.