Repair, exchange, replacement of meter in the service center

The principle of operation of blood glucose meters
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The control solution is used to check glucose meters
The accuracy and validation
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Modern means of self-control over the glucose in the blood, the blood glucose meters allow diabetics to monitor their health at home.


Service centers

Service center checkIn our country presents a large number of service centers from manufacturers of these devices. Very common models such as: Entrust Ascensia, produced by concern Bayer (Germany), Select OneTouch from the company Johnson & Johnson (USA), glucometers "Satellite", manufactured by "ELTA" (Russia) and many others.

Remember that, when buying such a system of self-control, you should test it in the store in accordance with the passport. And, when a fault occurs, immediately change the meter.

Technical support, configuration, and repair glucose meters must produce the corresponding service center. The meter refers to sophisticated medical equipment and requires highly skilled servicing specialist


reference solution to validate

Repairing metersAt home control solution is the main tool to verify this system. Each model of meter are tested with a specific reagent, a mark which is specified in the passport of the device. But first make sure that the expiry date of control solution, and ensure cleanliness of the tip, through which it is served.


validation Process

Itself test quite simple. After setting the glucometer test strip is placed in a measuring socket on the device. And be convinced of the coincidence of the indicator with the number on the package of test strips. Next, the control solution in the form of drops applied on a clean finger and then, with thumb - control point test strips. This procedure prevents contamination of the reagent. New readings of the indicator should correspond to the test values on the packaging of the solution.

If the test result is negative, then it is useful to mix the control solution, and test it again. With particular attention to the cleanliness of the surfaces and reactants.


Replacement of meter in case of failure

If unsuccessful repeated testing is necessary to abandon the use of this system. the Replacing glucose meters can be produced as sold in their store and in the appropriate service center.

Stay tuned for information from the manufacturer of your device. Often held shares, during which a free exchange of glucometers outdated models with new ones.