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the urgency of the problem of diabetesthe world health organization now reports that 6% of world population are ill with diabetes, approximately 284,7 million people. Future forecasts are disappointing, according to experts, the number of patients will steadily increase, and by 2030 they become 438,4 million.


the urgency of the problem

the problem, of course, is one of the hottest, because diabetes is firmly takes its place in the "top three" - diseases that often cause death. Not yield him the palm and only cancer atherosclerosis. Doctors are sounding the alarm and calling on people to pay more attention to their health, to prevent disease or time to fight with it at an early stage.


Predisposition to diabetes

the Number of diabetes patientsthe Main cause of diabetes is considered a genetic predisposition. If at least one of the parents have diabetes, the child automatically falls into "risk group". In this situation, no precaution against the disease will not save, but it is possible to timely recognize its development and you choose the right tactics to prevent progress to a more serious stage.

women often suffer from diabetes. Of 100% of detected cases 55% women and only 45% on men. Presumably, this is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the body.



Experts believe that half diabetes patients are not even aware of their disease. Very often a person finds out what is really sick, randomly. There have been cases when the patient is turned, for example, to the eye doctor with complaints about the appearance of a "cloudy veil" before the eyes, and the doctor on the symptoms diagnosed with diabetes. Sometimes the cause of diabetes is considered another scourge of modern society - obesity. This statement is difficult to confirm or refute, since overweight can be viewed not as a cause but as a consequence of the above diseases.

Doctors say that with early detection of diabetes the patient has very high chances of avoiding further development of the disease. It is necessary to comply with the prescribed diet, to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits such as Smoking, weight-watching, and, of course, regular visits with your doctor and comply with its recommendations.