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redhead in diabetes mellitusthe Application of methods of folk medicine in the fight against diabetes is mainly aimed at reducing the quantities of sugar in human blood. This method includes the use of seeds and herbs rizea.

If you don't know, looks like the grass is red and you have no way to buy it at the drugstore, then do not worry, you can easily grow it at home.

Once the grass grows, it is necessary to collect and dry well. With the help of decoctions of this herb can regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, thus making the course of diabetes less pronounced.

Before applying the grass must be ground in a coffee grinder until it is a smooth powder. To regulate the amount of sugar in the blood this powder must be taken inside, washed down with unlimited quantities of drinking water, one teaspoon on an empty stomach in the morning.

the Course of this tool is to interchange it with another composition. The first three days taken powdered rizea, then proceeds inside a mixture of one egg and freshly squeezed juice of one lemon. A mixture of lemon and eggs, take on an empty stomach in the morning 40 minutes before your next meal.

this method Cure diabetes, but in the process of its use can be dispensed with insulin, but it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and to adhere to a special diet designed for diabetics.

as for reducing the sugar in the blood can be used rizea grass seeds that have the same properties as grass. In addition seeds rizea improve the physical condition and prevent diabetes related diseases.

Before applying seeds rizea necessary to grind in a coffee grinder until a homogeneous powder and take morning and evening, one teaspoon of drinking plenty of water. After the amount of sugar in your blood returns to normal, the number of techniques you can reduce to once a day.

as seeds rizea you can brew and drink this decoction. To do this, a tablespoon of powder pour one Cup of boiling water and take three times a day before meals in one-third Cup. Take the tool you need for three weeks without interruption.