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red caviar with diabetesdiabetes - a disease that can be each person, who survived the stress, depression, have impaired metabolism (as a consequence). The development of disease in the body decreases the level of insulin in blood and increased glucose levels. In this disease the person should be your exclusive diet, which helps to cope with the negative impact of diabetes. For this menu, include, apples and oranges, foods that do not contain a lot of fat and sugar and each day, take a certain amount of fish oil. In General for each case the approach to solving the nutrition problems you need to contact the dietitian.

In fact, it turns out that people suffering from diabetes must abandon many treats (and this applies not only to sweets). And when the holidays are approaching, we can only sadly sigh. What to do with the classic sandwich with black and red caviar on New year's or birthday? But both want! Definitely say it is useful for the consumption of caviar in diabetes, difficult. Yes and no. On the one hand, it is also a product of fish origin, it has the substances that will be useful for those who suffering from diabetes. But also in the calf, fat and sodium, and it can cause high blood pressure and even stroke.

How to be in this situation, to eat or not to eat caviar with diabetes? To use black and red caviar with diabetes can only know the measure. In the case of such a complex disease it for once you can eat no more than a tablespoon, and even then, not every day. Indulge yourself a little and stop. Some specialists include this product in the list of prohibited for consumption by diabetics. But if just a little bit and not every day. Here is an example recipe that will be useful for better absorption of eggs.

this requires one long cucumber, low-fat yogurt and, in fact, a bit of red caviar. Cucumber cut along the thin slices, grease with their yogurt and twisted roll. Similar to Japanese rolls. On top lay a few eggs. Strictly and with style!

you Can even boil some eggs, cut into slices and lay on bread slices or crackers. From above to grease with low-fat sour cream (or the same yoghurt) and put a little caviar. Decorate the dish with greenery. Just remember that all you need to have a measure, because health is easy to lose but hard to regain.