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If you are a diabetic

advice, tips diabeticsAt some point you begin to notice a more frequent urination urinating. Simultaneously, you are constantly tormented by thirst, you drink, but water seems to not "want" to linger in the body. You want all the time. But, despite normal diet, you steadily lose weight.


First steps, upon detection of the disease

Finally you went to the reception to the endocrinologist, have handed over blood, and diagnosis confirmed: diabetes mellitus.

first, no need to despair. If diagnosis occurred at an early stage of the disease, if it is only the first stage, following the instructions of doctor quite successfully to continue to work and enjoy life.



it should be clear that the treatment of diabetes today is symptomatic, that is directed principally at eliminating symptoms of disease. To effectively deal with the causes of the disease while the medicine never learned. Therefore, in the list of the main tasks of the attending physician includes actions for compensation of carbohydrate metabolism, prevention and treatment emerging complications, the normalization of body weight of the patient and, importantly, teaching the patient the correct way of life in this situation.

the Patient diabetes must clearly and fully represent, and what is dangerous than diabetes. He should know how to warn and to be able to take the necessary action in case of bouts of Hypo - and hyperglycemia. Self-control glucose in blood. And, of course, clearly outline the nature permissible for the power to stick to designated diet.



advice to patients for the treatment of diabetes mellitusRecommended by a doctor, diet for diabetes is one of the components of successful treatment. It should be balanced in proteins, fats and caloric content. Based on the so-called bread unit. That is, the conditional measure is equivalent to 20 - 25g bread or 10 - 12 g of carbohydrates. A day is considered acceptable drinking 12 to 25 units of bread, depending on the weight of the patient. At one time no more than 7. Try to keep the number of bread units for Breakfast, lunch and dinner was the same. Remember that drinking alcohol with diabetes can lead to hypoglycemic coma.

Keep a food diary. This will allow the doctor to identify the causes of exacerbations of the disease and find the optimal dose needed medicines.

Finally, learn to use blood glucose meter for self-monitoring of glucose levels in the blood and the insulin pen for injection insulin. Remember the main tip: diagnosed with the disease - diabetes mellitus - life has not ended.