The recipes in diabetes mellitus type 2

Meals with type 2
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recipes for diabetesPractice shows that the right diet of patients with diabetes greatly facilitates its state. The basic principles to do not difficult, the recipes are useful (and delicious) not only for diabetics but also for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, in families where there are patients with diabetes mellitus, do not have to worry simultaneously about the two tables, and easy to vary the recipes diabetic food.



Calculate the meals so that there were at least five: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. The optimal interval between them to three hours (maximum of four, minimum two). Between dinner and bedtime should also be at least three hours. In principle, most healthy people eats just according to this scheme, but for diabetics there is one important principle that cannot be overlooked - the food should always be at the same time, that is on schedule. Fast food does not mean increasing the number of portions, but rather the minimum amount.

Not to skip meals, starve.

it is Possible: to increase the number of meals to six times per day.



do Not stop only on certain foods, try different recipes, replace some of the other products.

Recommended to people suffering from diabetes brown bread, sometimes you can replace the stale white.

Sweeteners - acacia honey (he, unlike the rest of the honey is absorbed slowly, so the glucose levels will rise slowly) or dark chocolate with a large cocoa content. Alternate lean fish (cod or walleye) with fatty (mackerel, tuna, mackerel or herring). Avian meat (chicken breast, Turkey) - rabbit or beef. Vegetable soups with meat broth. Only low-fat meals should appear on the table about 2-3 times more often than fat and meat.

Not: anything containing alcohol, spices, preservatives, thickeners, refined sugar and flour. Forever give up store-bought ketchup, mayonnaise, industrial pastries and cakes. Go to homemade recipes. Ketchup can be made from tomatoes and grated red currant. Mayonnaise substitute low-fat sour cream.

you Can: unrefined vegetable oils (not necessarily spend money on olive, sunflower polyunsaturated fatty acids much more), buckwheat and oat porridge (rice, preferably wild or brown), low fat dairy products (all but store-bought yogurt - there's quite unacceptable starch thickener and sugar-preservative).

required in the diet of people with diabetes: any cabbage (even color) in any form (even pickled), recipes which you can find many; tomatoes and cucumbers, all salads, zucchini. Only roots from the radishes and celery are not limited in number, but the number of potatoes, carrots and beets should be severely rationed. Fruits and berries a desirable fresh and unsweetened, dried fruits and persimmons to eat as little as possible and less.

Patients with diabetes is not contraindicated even salt, only if it is marine and the quantity does not exceed 5 grams per day. To control the saltiness of food do not use it during cooking, and serve the salt shaker with a pre-measured daily intake.