Causes of high blood sugar: why the glucose rises

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causes of high blood sugarGlucose is an essential substance that provides humans with energy, without which the cells of its organism will lose ability to grow, to share, to fully perform its functions. The level of blood sugar throughout life, regardless of gender and climate accommodation is within certain limits, the excess of which is detrimental to the health. After all, to the human body to work properly, it is important to maintain a constant internal environment. This function, under control of the brain, the pancreas and the liver, normalizing it.

unfortunately, not always the body itself can not cope with the increase of glucose in the blood, and the concentration of sugar in the bloodstream constantly raised regarding the permissible limits. In this case it is necessary to understand why this is happening, to understand what is the reason for the increase in the level of glucose in the bloodstream, this will help to avoid problems in the future. The endocrinologist brought the Golden rule, which I advise you to adopt anyone who has ever faced the problem of increase of glucose in the blood serum, which reflected a high index on the screen of the meter: "If you went to the level of sugar in the bloodstream, it is not a reason for indifference or panic is a signal to take constructive action."


causes of high glucose level in blood

If the blood sugar has risen and its concentration in the bloodstream is increased, this indicates hyperglycemia, which causes may be many:

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causes of high blood sugar in diabetes

today, diabetes is an incurable disease that must learn to live. The main goal of the physician is the selection of the patient for compensatory therapy. But even when the prescribed treatment, your diet, sometimes, the patient's blood may result in increased sugar. Why is this happening? What can cause hyperglycemia: