Raw food diet in diabetes mellitus

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Raw food diet


Raw food diet in diabetes Recently the raw food diet got very popular. Its advantages lie in the fact that fresh vegetables and fruits stimulate digestion of vitamins and minerals. Besides, natural plant products are often low caloric, but at the same time they are rich in diet fiber, which is highly needed by the organism. Also raw food diet minimizes the consumption of salt, fats and cancerogenes that appear due to thermal processing of food. While such products have low level of sugar it becomes the key reason of recognition of raw food diet as the most useful diet for people that suffer from diabetes mellitus.

Raw food diet features and benefits

Many people, who follow the principles of sensible nutrition, turn the raw food diet into the way of their lives. Besides, the bigger part of nutritionists advice to use this diet as the fasting one, which should last no more than 2-3 days. This is so due to some facts related to aggravation of many additional diseases. For example, raw foods are counter-indicated if patient has stomach ulcers, colitis and gastritis. The organism of raw food monger does not have enough amino acids and vitamins. In particular, there may be the lack of vitamin B12, which may be found in animal products exclusively. This is all about a diet of vegetarian raw foodists. Their diet lacks proteins, which main sources are crops and beans, but without thermal processing they cannot be eaten.

Use of raw food diet

Raw food diet in diabetesIt is proven that such complications of diabetes like fattiness, heart disorders, connected to lipid metabolism problems, hypertension and other may be presented along with a raw food diet inclusions. The main task in diabetes mellitus treatment is compensation of carbohydrate metabolism. When carbohydrates are consumed, being the main source of glucose, they are soaked into the blood and they increase level of glucose quickly. While the raw food contains so called indigestible carbohydrates, which are soaked much slower, and this produces some kind of fullness effect and keep blood sugar level normal.

A diet like this helps not only to blood sugar normalization, but also helps to decrease patient’s weight, which is a special need for the most of diabetics. Low energy value of raw foods and increase of energy consumption for their digestion is capable to normalize patient’s nutrition. Absence of animal fats and cholesterol is also a beneficial factor.

However, just like using any other diet, patient has to remember that raw food diet does not produce simple outcomes. In addition, patient has to keep in mind and always think about individual intolerance to some fruits and vegetables.