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The rate of sugar by glucometer
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blood SugarAnyone can fall into depression, when to be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. If not so long ago this disease was rare, today it is striking more and more people. You should not take this disease as a death sentence. Modern medicine allows you to lead a normal life subject to certain conditions. It is primarily the diet that is chosen by the doctor-endocrinologist individually. Its strict adherence to guarantee a full life. And also, you need to constantly monitor the sugar, trying to stick to the rules. Today, such analysis can hold each independently at home. You only need to buy high quality blood glucose meter and constantly have rapid analysis.


Normal glucose level

Sugar readings blood sugar

In a healthy person, the sugar content is from 3.3 to 7.8 mmol/L. the Patient with diabetes mellitus, the body cannot digest the food coming from sugar. In this case, the sugar level rises. The insulin which the pancreas produces or do not cope with such sugar, or processed partially. A person suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes, is forced to lower the sugar content of regular injections of insulin. At higher indices, the blood becomes more dense. With the blood to every organ of the body receives all the necessary substances. Thick blood with such a task can not cope. Thus, suffering the whole human body, causing various diseases, complications and failures in the whole organism. A priority for each patient with diabetes is normalization of blood sugar levels. First of all, it is a diet that excludes sugar and products that contain it. And, the constant control of sugar level.


violations of the readings of level of sugar

the Readings of sugar levels in patients with diabetes differ significantly from healthy readings. To achieve perfect readings from 3.3 to 7.8 mmol/l, the patient is almost impossible. But to bring the readings from 4 to 10 mmol/l, is quite real. With such indications, the patient feels just fine, the whole body is functioning within normal limits. It is desirable to maintain this level and keep control of it. This will help glucometer. They are all portable, allowing you to keep it to yourself. To conduct a rapid analysis is possible anywhere. It is advisable to do at least three times a day. With such indications, from 4 to 10, the patient may feel quite comfortable for many years.