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blood sugar meterGlucose is a necessary and crucial component in the body, both human and animal. This is the most important source of energy and life for normal human functioning and activities. While the person leads an active lifestyle and is awake, glucose makes up all these costs. However, if this element exceeds its calculated amount, the useful component is converted to a powerful poison for the entire body. If you run this problem, then eventually the person may die.

and So we developed a special device - glucose meter. This apparatus is used to determine the level of sugar in blood. It is important to discern, because of the protracted process may lead to severe destruction of the kidneys, nervous system, and also to the fact that the vessels in the body will weaken and become very fragile.

the Norm is the index in the range of 4.1 mmol/l to 5.9 mmol/l Glucometer - the device is mandatory for diabetics.He always, correctly calculate all of your indicators in the blood, thereby helping to win the time that you spent on the trips to doctors and tests at the clinic.

How often you want to monitor blood sugar using a glucometer? All depends on the type of diabetes. For example, for diabetes of the 1st type, which is characteristic of young people, to measure the sugar correctly 2-3 times a day. To do this it is best before meals and before bedtime. Elderly (diabetes of the 2nd type) I need it much less often, 1-2 times in the past week, there is certainly various intervals.

how many times is recommended to monitor the blood sugar, the treating physician's discretion. But if you bought a glucometer in the preventive purposes, the measurements of the glucose level is held once a month, So that the figures were correct, you need to follow the following steps:


it Happens that the indicators of blood glucose meter and tests performed in the clinic, have a discrepancy. What is the reason? The fact that the proportion of sugar in the blood is incessantly changing. This happens for the reason that the body is reacting to different circumstances, with different speed and converts digested foods into sugars and other assimilates his speed.

it is Important to note that the influence of concomitant diseases of acute or chronic nature, as well as due to medication, a person can change. In such a case, the glucometer is an essential thing, as you will need more often.