The rate of sugar (glucose) in the blood in women

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blood sugar is a femalea Rare woman thinks about whether the sugar in her blood, until it happens some discomfort. And only then start the endless visits to the doctor, indicating the irreversible phenomena in the body and threatening diseases. But such it was possible to avoid if to know normal glucose and periodically tested, at least once a year.

Rarely anyone sugar the normal life remains constant. Usually it varies a little, but significant changes in a woman's body this fact has not. The increase in glucose occurs after meals, especially those containing a lot of sugar. So if you want to take a blood test to determine the sugar level, the patients come to the hospital first thing in the morning. Preferably before that 8 hours is nothing. In addition, it is not recommended just before the trip to the lab to take medication, fatty foods or alcohol. Only at observance of these conditions a healthy woman, you can count on the fact that the lower norm will be in the range of 3.1 mmol. The upper limit of readings depends on the age and condition of the body (for example, pregnancy affects the figure), and amounts to 6.1 mmol/L.

After every meal the level of glucose rises, but this is not an anomaly, but the norm. So depending on calorie content of food sugar in the blood may rise to 3.8 - 6.9 mmol/L.

since there is no strict figures, which shows the rate of glucose in the blood, many believe this figure of 5.5 mmol (average value). Want to be sure that your concerns about the level of sugar in the blood is unjustified, provide another parallel and urinalysis. If sugar's not found, then your health is not of concern.


Age of blood glucose in women

blood sugar in womenLady with age it becomes wiser and more beautiful, but it does not release her from pressing obligations to monitor their health. Often with age, weight increases, and this may affect the glucose level.

Every woman faces menopause. Though every body responds differently to such changes. Some observed an increase of glucose in the blood, which is determined accurately only by tests.

lowering blood sugar in many women observed in that case, if they lead a very active lifestyle, do a lot of sports and does not cover the energy cost of a balanced diet.

no Wonder a woman called sweet! So she loves all sorts of Goodies! But health remember. Only then the meter will constantly display the rate of sugar in your blood, although 20 years young lady or a little more.