Norms of sugar (glucose) in the blood of a teenager

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the norm of glucose in adolescentsthe Normal sugar found in the blood of a teenager, speaks volumes about the state of his health. If these numbers approach the halfway mark of from 3.5 to 5.5 mmol/l, it means that your child is not in danger and his test results are normal. What is unique is the level of glucose in the boundaries of the younger girls and boys is the same as small children and adults. However, it is in adolescence most often is the increase of sugar level, and displays the first symptoms of unpleasant diseases - diabetes. How to behave parents and adolescents themselves, to avoid this evil scourge and staying healthy?


High and low sugar in teenagers

the Accepted norm of glucose in adolescents during the day is inconsequential to change, and routes. The decrease in the level of glucose in the blood is very rare. We all know that glucose is needed by the body for energy. It is boys move a lot, are extremely active lifestyle. To that even changes in the body affect the condition of blood sugar level. Even if he loses his food in some days, his body immediately turns to the reserves, which is in the liver. Because of this in healthy children, the rate almost never drops. Only exhaustion, starvation or prolonged dieting can affect the amount of capillary blood in young boys or girls and be the start of hypoglycemia.

more often observed in adolescents of the opposite process - the increase of glucose level. These jumps are in the case, if children do not eat properly, with excessive consumption of sugar and products in which a large amount of this tasty component. This phenomenon is much more dangerous than previous doctors and is called hyperglycemia. Following this diagnosis, doctors can after repeated tests that confirm high (more than 7 mmol/l) blood sugar, to establish the beginning of diabetes.

Previously, increasing the rate of blood glucose was observed almost exclusively in adults and older people. Now the disease has become younger. His patients were teenagers. To these troubles are around your family, do not be lazy once a year to visit with the kids clinic and pass the examination with compulsory testing for sugar level in the blood. And for a more complete picture you can even control the level of glucose in the urine. It is there to be a healthy kid.