Quickly reduce blood sugar, immediate and sharp reduction

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to Quickly reduce blood sugarIf the level of sugar in the blood exceeds the permissible limits, and you have decided it is urgent to reduce it, you need to know that a sharp decrease in the concentration of glucose may cause hypoglycemia, which is dangerous for health. This condition begins to occur when the rate of sugar in the blood quickly drops below three MOLLE/l, but this figure is conditional and different for each person. Sometimes the symptoms of hypoglycemia begin to manifest at higher levels of glucose (usually this is during long decompensation).

With the rapid lowering of glucose in the blood (if the decline occurs drastically) affects the entire body, but is most dangerous to the human nervous system. A decreased level of sugar in the bloodstream disrupts the brain. Unconscious responses become the basis of human behavior. With a sharp decrease of glucose the person becomes irritable, sometimes overly aggressive. You may feel a sense of euphoria and disorientation in space.

a Rapid decrease in blood sugar is a huge stress to the body, to which he responds symptomatic manifestations:


These signs with a sharp decrease in glucose may occur in patients with any type of diabetes - insulin injections, medicines in pills or people sitting on a therapeutic diet.


What to do with a sharp decrease in blood sugar?

Easy hypoglycemia may not cause much harm to your health, but if you do not take urgent action to address it, and the glucose levels will continue to decline rapidly, it will lead to loss of consciousness and coma. Doctors recommend diabetics to have always with you a few pieces of refined sugar. It is the most easily digested carbohydrate that is able to regulate the level of glucose in the blood. And if you have the above symptoms, then immediately is to eat three or four pieces.


Causes rapid decline in blood sugar

the Level of glucose can dramatically decrease for various reasons. Doctors call the most common ones are: