Raisins diabetes

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raisin in diabetes mellitusSome doctors believe that the raisins should be completely excluded from the diet of patients diabetes, others are allowed to eat it in small amounts, and still others advise you to settle this question experimentally: to experience your body. But almost all of them agree that it is dangerous due to the possibility of worsening diabetes.

Raisins refers to digestible carbohydrates, which can quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream and dramatically increase glycemia. In addition, it contains eight times more sugar than grapes. The basic components of sugars in raisins are fructose and glucose. Glucose in the blood dissolves easily. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat, as it leads to sharp increase of sugar level and, in General, degrades the health of the person.

the Glycemic index of raisins (the level of increase in blood sugar after ingestion) is equal to 93% from 100%. This index is higher the more food contains easily digestible carbohydrates and, of course, less dietary fibers that suspend the absorption of glucose. This figure (93%) said that the consumption of this dried fruit leads to a rapid rise in blood sugar. So it is often used when hypoglycemia to quickly raise blood sugar levels (just two tablespoons).

And, the raisins of different varieties affect the body in the same way: the same weight sour and sweet types are equally increase the sugar level. Raisins are acidic to the taste not because it has less sugar than in sweet and sour because the class contains more citric acid.

But to discontinue the raisins in diabetes is still not worth it. It is rich in potassium, which positively affects the work of skin and kidneys helping to remove toxins and excess fluid. It helps to save the vision in adulthood. To completely eliminate this product from the diet should in severe diabetes. A beneficial effect (reduction) is providing raisins to an elevated pressure which is as important in diabetes.

There is a little secret for lovers of this product if you put it in water and boil on low heat for a few minutes, the sugar in it would be reduced and many useful properties are preserved. Therefore, it is often used as an additive in cooked and baked dishes.