Radish and horseradish in diabetes

Radish and horseradish
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radish in diabetesWith the increased level of sugar in the blood, and it is this characterized by the state at diabetes, it is recommended to take in food almost all vegetables except potato. Such a culture, as a radish, used in medical purposes in ancient times. Useful properties of radish are caused by a variety of organic acids, which are part of this vegetable. Minerals, enzymes, which largely contribute to the optimal metabolism, vitamins - it makes hypoglycemic radish vegetable. In the roots contain up to 6% sugar. Essential oils are volatile and gives this vegetable sharp specific taste. In diabetes use fresh radish roots, and its seeds. To lower blood sugar should be used fresh juice of the roots of these vegetables. You can also mix the juice of radish with honey from the ratio of 1 to 1. Eat three times a day before meals. It is desirable for one tablespoon. Lowering the sugar will not happen immediately, but the effect is sure to come in for a while. By the way, radish honey properties are also known per hectare can collect up to 100 grams.This, in turn, not least affect the application of this culture in diabetes.

Horseradish in diabetes

hell in diabetesAt least medicinal properties has to hell. It is also used in patients with diabetes mellitus. The fact that not only has a horseradish sharp taste and nutritional properties but. In its composition there are active components, vitamins, essential oils. This product contains about 16% carbohydrate, a quantity of fat and up to 3% of nitrogen compounds. And vitamin C is not inferior even horseradish lemon. These components are designed to produce sugar in horseradish. Fresh leaves of this culture rich in carotene. So, in order to lower blood sugar, you need to grate horseradish; the resulting juice is mixed with milk or yogurt in a ratio of 1 to 10. The resultant mixture was use to four times a day for one tablespoon before meals. The effect usually occurs immediately, you must wait for a while. Can also be used instead of milk or yogurt yogurt. It is worth noting that traditional canned horseradish, which is sold in jars has virtually no useful properties and use it in diabetes useless. Therefore, it is necessary to use a fresh product.