Pyelonephritis in diabetes mellitus

Renal failure


pyelonephritis in diabetes mellitusPyelonephritis - disease process, which can act as a separate disease, but rather occur as complications of such processes as urolithiasis, diseases of the genital organs and diabetes. The combination of diabetes and pyelonephritis often. In most cases, this disease has a chronic nature.


Causes of pyelonephritis in diabetes mellitus

despite the fact that the disease has an infectious etiology, specific pathogen. Pyelonephritis can be caused by various microorganisms, as living in the human body, and penetrated into it from the environment. Most often infectious agents are staphylococci, streptococci, fungi and other microorganisms.

diabetes in humans there is a decrease in immunity. Appears in the urine is glucose, which provides a favorable environment for the development of micro-organisms. As a result, creates the ideal conditions for the development of pyelonephritis. The protective system cannot cope, and there is inflammation, which can be sluggish in nature.

In pyelonephritis microorganisms penetrate into the vascular loops of the glomeruli of the kidneys, provoke inflammatory-degenerative process in the endothelium and migrate into the lumen of the tubules. Further there is a process of bacterial formation of clots, around which is formed leukocyte infiltration.


Symptoms of pyelonephritis

break the function of urinary excretion. The patient marked oliguria or even dysuria. However, when chronic pyelonephritis, characteristic of diabetes, disorders of urinary excretion may not be of a very bright character. Pain in lower back aching, bearing a unilateral or bilateral in nature. More often still there is pain on the one hand, mobility and physical activity not affect their appearance, they are often observed alone. It should be noted that the pain never assumes the character of renal colic and also are not able to move to other areas of the body. On the background of diabetes mellitus is increased in pyelonephritis uretralnoe pressure, there is low-grade temperature rise.