Pump for diabetics



pump in diabetes mellitusTo date, most physiological, comfortable, and convenient method of insulin delivery is, of course, of course, the use of an insulin pump, that is a specific device that is intended for the subcutaneous continuous insulin delivery.

Insulin ultra-short or even short-acting in this case is entered not using the insulin pen or injection with a syringe, and fed into the body through a catheter that is inserted subcutaneously and is connected to a memory unit or storage tank. The unit of information primarily contains information on the amount of insulin that must be injected under the skin of the patient with diabetes mellitus. It is programmed individually for each patient by a physician.

insulin pump intended for diabetes mellitus, there are 2 modes of insulin delivery: basal rate at which insulin is supplied in very small amounts continuously, and bolus velocity, which is programmable and is determined by the patient.

the 1st mode simulates human background insulin secretion, practically replacing the use of the drug for long periods.

the 2nd mode, bolus, the patient is at high level or the blood glucose before meals, it will replace the short or ultrashort insulin action in classical insulin therapy. The catheter in this case is replaced by the patient suffering from diabetes at least once in three days.


Basal mode pump

pump diabetes mellitusthose people who suffer diabetes mellitus, in blood all the time contains insulin. Quite a bit of it, but yet this small quantity suffices to prevent increase of glucose level at night and in between meals. However, if insulin is higher than normal, it leads to hypoglycemia, which is very dangerous. So, the pump needed for patients suffering from diabetes to maintain their normal glucose levels without letting it fall or to rise, when they should not.



a person Has a healthy body produces insulin, required for the processing and assimilation of food, at the right time and in the right quantity. Same insulin pump, diabetics need to you can replace this function of the organism, although, of course, and not automatically. The patient himself must keep track of time and dose of injection. When using it no need is strictly at a certain time and a certain amount of food. In addition, insulin pump therapy helps the patient to react to the change in blood glucose levels.