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drug Free unitsIn the case where a patient with diabetes complications affecting different bodies or disease requires periods of decompensation, the doctor takes measures to the assignment of disability. The final decision remains for medico-social expertise, which is bound to have professionals in treatment of diabetes. Group disability is determined on the basis of objective examination.


the Right to benefits in diabetes

Since the judgment on the appointment of disability the patient becomes entitled to a pension, some benefits, some types of state social assistance, including the provision of free medications included in a special List. The composition of the List shall be approved in the Order issued by the Ministry of health and social development.


List - providing free medications of the patient

medicines for diabetesthe List includes almost all the essential drugs for persons suffering from diabetes. Sometimes there are situations when the patient needs a drug that is not among the reimbursed drugs, but which is vital. In this case, clinical-expert Commission clinic this drug can be assigned and it will be provided free of charge. It is necessary for the Commission's decision was reasonable and justified, for example, lack of effectiveness or intolerance to appropriate medication from the List.

among free tools for patients with diabetes mellitus includes all kinds insulin different names of pills to normalise blood sugar levels and to counteract the emergence and development of complications caused by diabetes. Free form insulin syringes, complete with needles, ethyl alcohol, and diagnostic tools.

Should pay attention that now in the recipe is not written in a specific name and international nonproprietary name of the drug, is usually the name of the active substance. This reduces the probability of the absence of the pharmacy as required by the patient drug.

In case you are in the hospital all medicines required by the beneficiary and specified in the List must be provided free of charge. A proposal to buy medicine suggests the abuse of staff rank, although it is possible that another failure of the system to ensure hospitals free medicines.

If you have diseases that require drugs from the List, for outpatient treatment of a disabled person with diabetes will get these drugs for free. Monies allocated to the state providing a patient with free drugs, does not stop there. The physician must prescribe all the necessary drugs, regardless of quantity required. Allegations of exhaustion of the patient "limit" talk about local "Amateur" or abuse.

Diabetes is a serious disease. The state comes to the assistance to patients, but also the beneficiaries must know about their rights, including the right to provision of free medicines.