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Foods with high glucose contentthe Level of sugar in blood depends on the products used for food, but rather from the content of glucose in them and speed their assimilation. In this regard, all the products are divided depending on their ability to raise blood sugar using the glycemic index system.

the highest index, glycemic index, equal to one hundred units, has sugar syrup. It is easily digested and almost immediately increases the blood sugar level. Followed by a series of sweets: chocolates, jams and baking. As a rule, their glycemic index is above seventy. Logically, this list would need to be included and honey, but with him, to do what is impossible.

the Thing is, pure honey really has a high content of glucose and its use has a negative impact on health. At the same time, honey in the comb, eaten together with beeswax, is digested gradually and has no such negative effect on the body.

These same properties, and some other vegetables and fruits that did not undergo any pre-treatment and consumed in their purest form. It is about the grapes, the juice of which increases the level of sugar, and the berries themselves that are used with bone and skin, this operation does not have, as well as other sweet fruits and berries.

This classification allowed us to identify harmful products that negatively affect health, using the glycemic index above 70. Against using it better to refuse. But the beneficial foods to eat which can, without restrictions, without fear, spike blood sugar, have an index below 55. These include salads, cabbage, zucchini, green apples, grapefruit, yogurt, and grains and legumes.

When determining the glycemic index is determining the level of glucose in the products. For this reason, boosting blood sugar can be and many vegetables and legumes and grain plants, such as potatoes, corn, beans, etc.

to Identify the foods that increase blood sugar intuitively, evaluating them based on the presence or absence in their composition of starch and glucose. However, in this case easy to slip and make a wrong decision. For example, its level can increase smoked meats, sausages, some kinds of cheese, fermented baked milk, sour cream or bacon. All their sweet ...

For this reason, it is best to use the table, not forgetting that even healthy foods it is better to eat often and little by little, abandoning a hearty meal and a lush feasts.