Products and sources of glucose, that normalize content of sugar in blood

In man
In urine - glycosuria


Products, normalizing level of blood sugarDiabetes mellitus refers to diseases related to the dysfunction and affection of the metabolic processes in the body that cause increase of level of sugar in the blood. On the causes of this terrible and incurable disease are numerous discussions in which consensus is not achieved so far.

However, most scientists considered a risk factors that provoke appearance of diabetes mellitus lack of movement, constant overeating, abuse of products with a high content of glucose and constant stress. All this, combined with acute viral diseases and genetic predisposition can cause appearance of diabetes mellitus.

In process of its diagnosing it necessarily determined the level of blood sugar, increased content of which is the main symptom of this particular disease. As it was mentioned earlier, complete treatment of diabetes mellitus is not possible yet, but the observance of a strict diet and supportive therapy can normalize patient's health condition and ensure high quality of life.

The main objective of diet in case of presence of this disease is optimization of processes of metabolism of carbohydrates in the body, and therefore, the selection of products with minimal glucose that will help to keep glucose level in normal boundaries.

It should be remembered that the main source of glucose, that instantly raises level of sugar in the blood, are sweets: cakes, pastries, honey, carbonated soft drinks, etc.

Their use should be limited, but they cannot be excluded completely. These sweet foods are necessary in case of sharp drop of blood sugar level and in case of appearance of glycaemia that is very dangerous disease for a person with diabetes mellitus. In this case, sweet foods are a source of glucose, that help to normalize patient's condition quickly and effectively.

Due to the threat of blood glucose insulin can be overdosed of or excessive pills designated for lowering blood sugar levels, and excessive physical exercises. Typically, a precursor of development of glycaemia is the hand tremor, weakness, dizziness, and vomiting, which may be followed by loss of consciousness.

When the first signs are noticed you need to eat something sweet and wait for about fifteen minutes, ant then check the level of sugar in the blood. If it is necessary, you should repeat the technique. Products, which are a source of glucose, should always be at hand in patients with diabetes.

But this is only a special case. For right diet in diabetes patients need to maintain strict control of consumption of all carbohydrates from food, as well as quantities proteins and fats that are consumed. The basis of the diet should be products that normalize (optimize) patient’s blood sugar level. This, above all, is food of vegetable origin with a minimum heat treatment: steamed vegetables, a variety of salads, grains, beans and unsweetened fruits.

The number of protein products should be limited, while giving preference to poultry and fish, and you should completely eliminate fatty meats, lard and various meats. The danger of their use is excessive calories, as well as irritating effect on the gastric mucosa.

Generally in diabetes can be noticed increase of appetite, which leads to highly undesirable weight gain. For this reason it is necessary to restrict caloric intake, which is only possible with the right diet and prevalence of food from vegetables and cereals. These are products that normalize level of blood sugar.

The conclusion is, that people with diabetes can live long, without changing the way of life. It's enough learn how to control their appetite and how to follow the right and healthy diet.