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In recent years the number of diagnosed cases of children with diabetes mellitus is constantly increasing. Part of the reason for the increased statistics is the improvement of methods of early diagnosis of this disease. But the percentage of cases grows, and the total mass. According to experts currently, diabetes affects about 5% of children and adolescents.


Features of the disease in children.

In most cases diabetes children develop very rapidly. Without specialized treatment, the disease can often be up to the hypoglycemic syndrome. Slow course of the disease in children often manifest a range of satellite diseases. Including a variety of pustular infections.

pay attention, that children are most visible such complex forms of manifestations of the disease, clinical and metabolic variant of diabetic coma - coma ketoreductase. This manifestation of diabetes mellitus children manifests with severe metabolic acidosis and hyperglycemia.

For children is characterized by a labile manifestation of the disease. The disease is lifelong in nature. The start of the disease at an early age can quickly lead to complications.

In children most often develops diabetes mellitus of the first type, appearing due to the lack of education by the body of the child is necessary amount of insulin. This disease in children and adolescents occurs due to congenital disorders of the endocrine function of the pancreas.

diabetes in children if it is hereditary it is autoimmune form of the disease.


Prevention of diabetes in children.

According to doctors, the guaranteed option to the prevention of disease in children and adolescents does not exist. However, there are a few basic rules, you can prevent the onset of this disease or improve the quality of life of those who already suffer from it.

including one of the first types of prevention becomes careful monitoring of the condition of the newborn when one or both parents suffer from diabetes. Especially if it comes to type 1 diabetes.

One of the measures of prevention also becomes a refusal of artificial feeding of the child, predisposed to diabetes mellitus. Also these children should not too early to wean from breast milk.

In both types of diabetes need to pay close attention to the formation of the diet, is conducive to maintaining optimal body weight. An important role is played by continuous monitoring of the blood sugar and applying insulin when recommending this option, the doctor. A great role plays an active way of life.