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bed sores diabetesWith such a difficult disease like diabetes mellitus, treatment of burns, bedsores, and especially trophic and diabetic ulcers is not only a significant problem, but in some cases even life-threatening (injuries rapidly become infected)!

That is why man needs an efficient means to guarantee rapid treatment of bedsores and other skin damage.

How to avoid pressure ulcers

Treatment of this unpleasant skin problems like pressure ulcers in diabetes mellitus, is a very laborious process and requires a lot of effort. To do this, be sure to observe the following rules:

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How to deal with bedsores

However, if the sores are still there, they need up to two times a day to lubricate a weak solution of potassium permanganate, the alcohol solution brilliant green, lemon, cut in half, or camphor spirit. Can also help and kvartsevanie - for example, by the "Sun".

If the skin in patients with diabetes mellitus bubbles appear, they are smeared with a solution of brilliant green alcohol and put on this place a dry bandage. So instead of brilliant green and use a weak solution of potassium permanganate.