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preparations for the analysis of blood for sugarThere are several types of blood sugar levels (glucose). They sit on an empty stomach, during the day and sugar under load.

What should be the preparation for delivery and blood sugar? Many people who first appointed this analysis, worried about how to properly to pass it. Of course, they are right, after all, under what conditions it will be taken, will affect its results.

Special preparation is not required, but between the evening meal and time of blood collection must be at least 8 hours, and even better - 12. At this time not only to eat but also to drink sugary drinks (not to mention the alcohol). Only plain water is allowed. It is recommended before testing to smoke.

If your doctor prescribes a blood test for sugar, which is to be taken not on an empty stomach, and during the day, you should know that in this case after a meal should take 1 hour to1. 5 hours. The result is marked as "after meal".

to blood sugar also should not take any medication. If you at this time, the worsening of a disease or flu, to get tested is not recommended. A day or two before delivery it is desirable to avoid fried and fatty foods, and alcohol. If before you had a meal, the results can have an error. Ask the doctor to reschedule the examination.

Not recommended before putting much strain both physically and emotionally. If you quickly climbed the stairs, do not rush immediately to go to the lab. Sit in the hallway for 10-15 minutes, only relax and calm come on delivery analysis.

the Blood cannot to pass immediately after the massage, physiotherapy, ultrasound, x-ray, acupuncture. If you are taking any medications, inform your doctor. Analysis for rent or before you start taking drugs, or two weeks after completion of the course of their employment.

When given the blood sugar under load, training him the same as when you surrender on an empty stomach. The first blood sampling is performed on an empty stomach, then the patient drinks a saturated sugar solution, and every half hour during the two-hour period he is re-doing the fences.