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obesity in diabetesAbout 60 million people worldwide just as many diabetics are living at the moment in more than 200 countries. However, given that many diabetes has hidden form, and people just do not realize about this disease, the total number of patients exceeds 100 million people.

Naturally, diabetes arises not just because there's a certain set of signs that a person is prone to this serious disease.

More than any other to diabetes prone people suffering from obesity. Obesity reduces the body's sensitivity to insulin, which increases the risk of developing diabetes several times.

Those who are unable to eat balanced, also have high chances of getting non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Because of high-calorie diets and lack of coarse-fibered dietary fiber can develop gastro-intestinal tract, which in turn can lead to the emergence of this disease.

physical Inactivity or limited mobility leads to the fact that muscle tissue utilize glucose in a sufficient amount, which is a predisposition t to the emergence discussed in this article disease.

If you are prone to constant stress and psycho-emotional overload, then your body produces a high amount of glucocorticoids and catecholamines. These substances are most potent diabetogenic hormones.

Also predisposition to diabetes mellitus are diseases which are accompanied violation of the secretions of the gastro-intestinal hormones, such as cholecystitis and chronic gastritis, they negatively affect the body's ability to regulate glucose and insulin.

heredity in diabetes mellitusStill need to remember that the diabetogenic effect may also have some medicinal drugs. These include diuretics and antihypertensives, the drugs, which include epinephrine; glucocorticoids and cytotoxic agents.

sorry, diabetes is a disease often transmitted inheritance. More prone to this disease are those whose next of kin have been sick. So, if diabetes was sick one of the parents, the risk that the disease will manifest and you, is 22%. If they are sick both parents, the risk increases to 60%. However, even these figures do not mean that you will be faced with a serious illness. Remember that diabetes is only under the influence of precipitating factors described above. So if you will keep track of your health, the risk of developing diabetes will be minimal.