Potency and diabetes mellitus - affection, increase and treatment

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Potency and diabetes mellitusAs it is known pancreas stops producing insulin in diabetes mellitus, so deficiency of this hormone causes metabolism disorders in organism. The main reason, which has a negative effect on potency in men, is that the disease affects everyone, especially small blood vessels of the body, so the cavity of the penis cannot be full filled with blood and in this case erection quality is greatly reduced. About one-quarter of men with diabetes have impaired potency according to statistics data.

When the disease of diabetes is on late stages of its development the hormonal balance in the body is disturbed so production of hormone testosterone is reduced, from which depend effectiveness of many sexual functions in men. Diabetes also reduces ability of the brain to think and feel that can significantly reduce libido.

Decreased blood levels of sugar (hypoglycemia) affects the centers of the spinal cord responsible for erection and ejaculation. Therefore, men with diabetes, ejaculation often delayed or absent. Decreased the sensitivity of the glans can also be noticed in some patients. But, despite all of the violations described above, the level of testosterone in men with diabetes mellitus may remain in the normal range. This figure indicates that the person's feelings are often dependent on the psychological causes, and not only on the state of his body. Therefore, the expert can conduct an effective treatment, even in case of severe sexual dysfunctions.

In order to prevent the reduction of sexual potency, after consulting with doctors endocrinologist and urologist, there are some following recommendations for treatment of related diseases:

  • maintain stable blood sugar levels with the help of regular insulin,
  • eat during the day and need frequent small meals;
  • patient must necessarily limit the use of animal fats;
  • try to lose weight, daily exercise will improve the whole body and to prevent weight gain;
  • before sexual intercourse, take an extra helping of carbohydrates to be able to compensate for the energy you spend;
  • regularly monitor testosterone levels and blood pressure.

From products to enhance the potency of diabetes are recommended to be uses:

Use of Viagra, sealeks and drugs like this is contraindicated to people with diabetes mellitus before they consult with their personal physician. As for healthy men and men sick with diabetes to maintain full sexual life and family happiness is extremely harmful to take any type of alcohol .

Diagnosis of "diabetes mellitus" is not a sentence for potency. Healthy lifestyle, positive charge, good mood, regular and active sex life, diet and early treatment - this will lead any patient to full potency and good life.