Potatoes (potatoes) in the diet of diabetics. Can we eat?

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potatoes in diabetesPeople who suffer from diabetes, have to constantly monitor their diet. A properly chosen diet helps stop the development of this disease. Include in your diet foods diabetics should focus not only on the nutrients and vitamins that are in them. Must take into account their impact on blood sugar levels.

As a healthy and sick organism need in their diet, which is half carbohydrates. As a rule, they are a source of grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. All these products are useful and necessary for healthy people and diabetics, but if a person is sick, their use has its own nuances.

Today, nutritionists and endocrinologists are united in response to the question - is it possible to use the vegetables in diabetes, particularly potatoes. Potato tubers - quite useful product. They include vitamins PP, C, B, D and E, iron, phosphorus and potassium. One of the content of polysaccharides doctors do not recommend diabetics to include in your diet more than 250 grams of potatoes. And even such a small amount of this vegetable should be prepared according to the rules.

Nutritionists recommend to restrict not only the quantity of potatoes eaten. The method of cooking it also affects your diabetes. It is also important, and from the fact that the disease is often accompanied by comorbidities, including affecting the digestive system. Therefore, doctors advise diabetics to follow certain rules when cooking.

Methods of preparing potatoes for diabetics. Which one to choose?

is recommended to use boiled potatoes, boiled in their skins better. Fried potatoes and potato chips prepared using vegetable oil to be included in a diet moderately. Crisp, fried on animal fat, extremely undesirable meal for diabetics.

boiled potatoesCarbohydrates are divided into simple and complex (polysaccharides). The first is easily digested and almost immediately after being hit in the stomach increases in blood sugar. Second absorbed slowly, and some of them do not digested by the human body. The most digestible polysaccharide starch is considered today. It can be seen not only in the potato but in maize and cereals. Excessive use of these products causes an increase in fat stores in the body, which is undesirable not only for diabetics, but also for healthy people.

The right diet can even today people with diabetes to lead a full life. Do not deprive yourself of the joy that a man has the world!